Choosing a sofa bed by Milano Bedding (aka buying a high quality sleeper sofa)

What to look for in a high-quality sofa bed? From the origin of the components to the quality of the materials used, from the manufacturing to the design, learn about the construction details to consider before buying a convertible sofa that is worth investing in.

Made in Italy "inside and out": design and mechanisms

The North of Italy is renowned all over the world for top-end furniture manufacturing. Here, in the Brianza district in the Lombardia region, craftsmanship and technology have found their balance, a combination that over the years has led to the development of small and medium companies which are highly specialised in specific sectors. Convertible sofas are one of them and Lampolet, together with Milano Bedding, are the leading brands.

To us being able to control the entire production process and to make sure that each component is manufactured in house, quite simply, is KEY. Designs, prototypes, frames, mechanisms, mattresses, covers, upholstery materials and their tailoring: everything takes place in the Desio headquarters.

Convertible sofas, chairs and footstools are handcrafted and made to order at customer request, so they are thoroughly and rigorously inspected one by one. They are exclusively fitted with our top-end Lampolet metal action mechanisms and deluxe Springs foam, sprung or pocket sprung mattresses. Our mission is to build durable sofa beds with a timeless design, easy top open, safe, comfortable by night and beautiful to look at during the day: sleeper sofas that are worthy of sitting in curated living rooms and stylish interiors.


Lampolet metal action frame for performing pull-out sofabeds

Since 1963 at Lampolet we design and produce the best sofa bed mechanisms, patented all over Europe and the United States. They are engineered to endure unlimited openings and closings, ensuring that our sleeper sofas, chairs and footstool can be used with no effort and safely. The range includes a choice of two and three fold pull out mechanisms with mesh or wooden slatted bases, fully incorporated inside the sofa. These will open by simply pulling the back or seat towards you. In many cases you won't even need to remove any cushion. Also part of this category is the exclusive electric frame, which allows the bed integrated in the sofa to open at the touch of a remote control.
Another type of mechanism is that for footstool-beds: a metal frame with slats or mesh base that unfolds to reveal a single bed. This one requires a simple removable cover with a comfortable padding for seating.

The opening mechanism consists of a high-strength steel structure fitted with interlocking sliding connectors that attach to arms and backrest. The elastic webbing that supports the seat and the mesh or slatted bed base are also secured to the mechanism frame. There are various opening options:

  • • pulling of the backrest followed by the unfolding of mattress and bed base
  • • pulling of the backrest followed by the unfolding of mattress and bed base, without removing the seat and backrest cushions
  • • a-frame with one/two fold mattress
  • • trundle bed
  • • folding footstool beds


A choice of deluxe foam, sprung and pocket sprung mattresses

A high end sofa bed must offer a choice of mattresses. These have to be skillfully manufactured with the best materials in order to withstand the folding and unfolding without losing shape and support capacity. There are various types available:

  • • sprung and pocket sprung mattresses
  • • high resilience polyurethane foam mattresses

Our range includes thick mattresses for everyday or regular use as well as permanent sleeping. Many sofas, armchairs and footstools sport thinner mattresses, yet made at the same high standard as the deeper ones.

Read the guide for more information: How to Choose the Mattress for your Sofa Bed.


Beautiful sofa beds for everyday use

Our collection offers a choice of convertible sofas designed for everyday use, as well as models for occasional use. Whether yours is intended for a holiday home, a stylish living room, a guest room or a studio apartment, the mechanisms and mattresses available will allow you to choose what's best for your house. You'll get to configure many features and details:

  • • size and shape of the sofa (2,3,4,5+ seater, L-shaped with chaise longue or storage chaise, corner, double corner)
  • • upholstery colour (fabric, faux leather, leather)
  • • arms and legs
  • • mattress type
  • • bed base, made of steel mesh or wood slats
  • • bed base cover and mechanism cover to hide the metal parts
  • • mechanism with retractable casters to move the sofa
  • • pillow storage compartment

Another plus: the majority of our sleeper sofas and chairs are fully breakdownable in manageable parts: arms, backrest and outside back structure are all removable. This means that you will be able to instal your new couch, move it, sell it, without having to worry about weight and size. It will effortlessly pass through staircases, windows, doors, elevators and so on.


Our Customer-Centric mindset: strict testing and ISO Certification

Milano Bedding is a brand of Kover Srl. Our company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the design, manufacture and sale of sofa beds, sofas, upholstered beds and quilts. Since the 80s the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) develops worldwide technical, industrial, and commercial standards that play a key role in enabling trade in a global marketplace. By providing a common set of rules and requirements this international and independent organization makes it possible to maintain consistency and quality across industries and countries. In other words ISO certifies that management systems, manufacturing processes, services and documentation procedures meet all the specific conditions for standardization and quality assurance.

We embraced these standards from the very beginning and we are committed to comply with strict quality and production organisation criteria.
At Kover Srl we decided to adhere to the strictest 9001:1994 standards. This is the most comprehensive set of rules regarding the stages of industrial activity. We then sign up fot the subsequent 9001:2000 and 2008 standards, which have evolved to include customer satisfaction as one of the main requirements.

As far as mechanisms are concerned, our Lampolet systems are patented both in Europe and in the United States.
When required some of the mechanisms are regularly tested by the CATAS, a furniture testing laboratory that assesses safety and durability. Mechanism parts are thoroughly examined and put under stress through strain, loading and crash tests. The resistance of the surfaces, transportation in extreme conditions, and resistance to degradation are some of the most important tests.

See our Certifications